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Macaron Day 2016

We love our Macaron Day. This year we are focussing a bit more on larger macarons, trying out some different piped shapes. Large pineapple and Crab shaped delights!

We always ask for customer suggestions and have a public vote on one of the new flavours to make up. By far the most popular suggestion this year was Mojito. Unsuprisingly that won the vote and it will take prode of place on Saturday. Get there early if you want one of those.

The list also includes: Earl Grey Tea, Toasted Rice Pudding, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Cromer Crab, Black Truffle & Olive Oil, Purple Sweet Potato, Grapefruit, Maple/Bacon/Blueberry, Kimchi, Mango & Cardamom, Doughnut, Matcha and Watermelon Marshmallow.

We’ll also have our usual range available.

Throughout the day there is the chance to win macarontastic prizes through golden tickets hidden in the macaron boxes. Prizes include cookery school tickets and lots of free macarons.

Macaron Day Poster 2016

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